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Don't Take it From us, Take it from our Satisfied Patients!



Car Accident? No Problem! Hear how our dedicated doctors, individualized treatment plans have helped to change Alicia's life!


Ed started out skeptical and unsure about Chiropractic Care. Now? Now he is a believer in the benefits of chiropractic and massage care! He couldn't be happier with the treatment he has received through Inver Family Chiropractic and Well Medical!



Keith is a returning patient that has had amazing care and treatment throughout his appointments with Inver Family Chiropractic and Well Medical. Hear all about it today!

Mark- Testimonial

Mark is a loyal Inver Family Chiropractic patient, who had suffered from painful migraines. Find out how he started his journey to a pain free life through the treatment of our experienced doctors today!

Jen- Testimonial

Jen was a first time Chiropractic patient when she started at Inver Family Chiropractic and Well Medical. Now she is a satisfied and loyal patient!

Cassandra- Testimonial

Cassandra has been a loyal patient for over 6 years! Find out how Inver Family Chiropractic and Well Medical helped her to achieve a pain free life for best affordable price!

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